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Rhode Island Climate Charts

Both Series 1 and Series 2 charts are now included in this index. There are some differences between the two. Series 1 charts are shown here with superscript 1 (1), asterisks (*) on the data, and a slightly different color scheme.

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High Temperature Precipitation
Annual Average
USA RankState Rank Monthly Average
USA RankState Rank
Block Is. Ap.1 *56.48--*3.40--
BLOCK ISLAND STATE AP 57.87414153.3232716
KINGSTON 60.03358224.3212462
NEWPORT ROSE 58.02410943.8322055
NORTH FOSTER 1 E 58.72394134.4310811
Providence1 *59.79--*3.79--
PROVIDENCE GREEN AP 60.19353613.8721094
WOONSOCKET ---4.1514973

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