World Climate

The charts make it easy to see how climate (average weather) and daylight for a particular location change over the year, and how they vary between locations. They can be used like an almanac to predict weather and daylight for your location.

The largest accessible collection
of climate data on the web.

    Climate data and sunrise/sunset displayed in charts and tables for 149 countries and regions, more than 12,000 specific locations.

Each location gets its own chart and page on this site. We show:

  • New! Global Warming predictions for every location.
  • Precipitation, & high and low temperature (most locations)
  • Latitude, longitude, and elevation
  • Daylight, sunrise, and sunset
  • Humidity (some locations)
  • Most USA charts show heating/cooling degree-days and first/last frost
  • Chart data is also shown in a table
  • We've highlighted the extremes for every country. See Hottest-Coldest-Wettest-Dryest
World Climate Maps show world-at-a-glance temperature and rainfall.

thumbnail of climate map

Example chart (fragment)

Example of climate chart